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We are present in Africa, primarily the North-Western part.

Our expedition busses, ready for travel, are stationed in Gambia – they can be used to visit neighboring countries (Senegal, Guinea, Bissau, Burkina Faso, and even Sierra Leone).Other busses – also appropriately prepared – will be available in Morocco in October. For those willing, who wish to take a ride on more difficult terrain, there will also be classic 4x4 cars – Land Rover Defenders. We also have an affiliated base in Botswana – the Wildlife Conservation Fund Project – it is an excellent occasion to help the animals of Africa. This offer is directed towards enthusiasts of close contact with the really wild, African nature.

It is a “social travelling” type expedition.


​The presented destinations have been selected according to our preferences and interests.


This is where we were, are and will return to.


We are fascinated with everything that can be found in Morocco.

This country offers plenty of climatic, cultural and landscape variety. There we can see the ocean, hills and deserts. In the hills we can meet the Berbers, the Touareg people in the desert, and primarily Arabic people in the cities. There we have our routes, along which we can guide you, but you can also discover your own – we recommend renting our – fully equipped – vehicles, for road, as well as off-road  travel. We have a multitude of contacts in Morocco, which can be helpful in many different situations – from an inexpensive and comfortable camping and night accommodation base, to car workshops, which are eager to provide help to travelers. Morocco is full of friendly people, varied wildlife, tasty food, as well as … music, and the incredibly rich Eastern culture.We can even find water in the desert!

West Africa

The true Black Africa has fascinated us since long ago. The first journey south of the Sahara desert is full of astonishment and surprises. The amazement which stems from the fact, that we finally are in a place we knew only from books and nature films, and is not the end of the world. That the “journey of a lifetime” – as most people view a trip to Africa – is within arm’s reach. We have the opportunity to be close to women with shopping baskets on their heads and children on their backs, children who are able to make their own toys out of what they have around them, men performing ritual dances in traditional, colorful clothes. A different world seen from within our self-sufficient bus. We can use it to reach the furthest corners of Mauretania, Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau. We can observe crocodiles, hippopotami, and many different species of birds. We can also see Africa from the deck of a boat (Gambia river) or a canoe (Casamance river). West Africa also provides exotic dishes – the unforgettable yassa and palm wine.


Botswana is primarily a result of our cooperation with the Save Wildlife Conservation Fund. There we can see wild African animals in their natural habitat, as well as help to save endangered species – not only by participating in the foundation’s work as volunteers, but also by donating financial resources towards its goals. While meeting the Botswana village inhabitants we can participate in their education programs or provide material aid to local communities. Everyone comes back from Botswana a different person and wants to return there, and voluntary work with the SAVE Foundation

is an unforgettable adventure where you can not only act for the benefit of nature and local people, but also meet exceptional people from all around the world and make long lasting friendships.


Impassable forests and hidden lakes – this is Finland.

Picturesque fiords and similarly beautiful islands and hills going down into the sea – this is Norway. The order and beauty of nature in harmony with the simplicity of architecture – this is Sweden. Peace, space and tranquility – this is Denmark.A journey to Scandinavia is an opportunity to take a breath from the rush of everyday life and large city crowds. It is a time to commune with wild nature, far away from the clamor of civilization, where you can breathe to the fullest. Our busses are equipped with camping equipment and ensure independence anywhere you go – we can even set up a camping site at locations where you can see wild reindeer.


We can be glad, that we live in a country with full landscape variety – without having to go abroad we can see high and low mountains, sea with beautiful, sandy beaches, lakes and many different types of forests. There is still a chance to come across traditional villages – somewhere far away from the rushing world – villages, where the inhabitants are a repository of knowledge about their area, its history and customs. It is worth to spend some time with them – our way of traveling allows for such opportunities: busses attract attention and are points of interest for the people, whose proximity we camp in. This often becomes a reason to establish contact, which can later turn into a long and interesting conversation.We can find many fascinating things even in a nearby area.


Iceland has a harsh climate, volcanoes, geysers and icebergs.

It is an excellent place for people who value peace and space. In Iceland you can find the spirit of legendary Medieval Scandinavians and Celts – with their traditions, stories and mystery. Our off-road cars and their equipment make it possible to travel around the island (including its …) without having to stop at locations with touristic infrastructure.  – they are the perfect 4x4 vehicles to use for traveling through the wild and sparsely populated Iceland.With a bit of luck, you may have a chance to see humpback whales in the waters of the North Sea.

The Balkans

The Balkans have a magical power: they attract, enchant and stay in your heart. Who at least once visits the Balkan Peninsula, wants to return time and time again and never has enough. Whether its Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia Croatia, Bulgaria or Kosovo – each of these countries is equally worth seeing and tasting. The multitude of ethnicities and cultures in this region is hard to imagine from afar, because it seems improbable even from up close – it has to be seen! Regardless of the nationality and place of residence, people are friendly and open – we have many friends in the Balkans, who are happy to meet us during our voyages. Everyone will find what they need for  effective rest and relaxation in the Balkans: vigorous nature, beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ancient ruins, medieval cities, museums… you can also take a closer look at the modern side of Balkan countries – all you need to do, is go to any larger city. The Balkans are also worth visiting due to the delicious cuisine and spectacular wines.

We can point you towards wineries, which should not be missed.


China is huge – it’s impossible to reach all of the attractions offered by this country during one journey. However, it is possible to become fascinated by China so much during that time, that you will want to return time and time again. China is a country synonymous with: rice, tee, tai-chi and… cute pandas. China has everything that is great: great mountains (the Himalayas, the Altai Mountains, the Golden Mountains, Karakorum, Tian Shan, Pamir), great rivers (Jangcy, Huang He, Xi Jang, Amur, Brahmaputra, Indus, Irrawaddi, Irtysh and nearly 5000 other rivers), the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, forbidden city, the world’s largest modern cities: Beijing, Shanghai, as well as ghost towns and Tibet. It is also the cradle of three large Eastern religions: Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. You can get to know China in many different ways – come with us!

Pearls of the Silk Road

We recommend a journey to Uzbekistan, to cities which once lay on the Silk Road – Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.

Our route is not a standard, popular tourist route – it is a journey to the people who inhabit these historic cities and neighboring villages. Apart from seeing historic monuments, which remind of the region’s rich background, we will be happy to show you, how the current inhabitants of these ancient metropolises live. With a bit of luck, we may even be able to participate in a traditional Uzbek wedding.